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We are XONOX. 

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Our fields of expertise include: Design of Customized Injection; Molding of Complex Parts for Medical Appliances; Glass and Polymers; Power Supply Units and Transformers; Electric Motors.


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Our history

Xonox s.r.l was established in Milan back in 1997. Over the years, it expanded its fields of operation from plastic moulding specialist to encompass a broader spectrum of competences and markets, always striving for best customer satisfaction and quality.

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What to expect from us

Our mission

We at Xonox act as a Purchasing Consortium as a catalyst to improve Supplier quality, Cost position and Delivery compliance to increase value for customers.


Our Vision

Towards a Green future

We strongly believe in the current and future international efforts to achieve a Sustainable Energy Transition, and we strive to contribute to their success by selecting sustainable technologies, processes, and products.